Did Medieval Archers Use Gloves – Everything You Must Know!

Archers today use bracers for underarm protection as well as shooting gloves. But is the use of bracers and shooting gloves a modern phenomenon or did medieval archers also use gloves and bracers?

Medieval archers used bracers (usually made from leather or ox-horn) as well as a leather shooting glove on the right hand and a finger-free glove on the left hand.

The bracer served two purposes.

First, in case the archer had a wide-cut sleeve the bracer prevented the sleeve from catching the bowstring when the arrow was shot. Second, the bracer protected the inside surface of the archer’s forearm on his bow-holding arm against injuries caused by accidental whipping of the bowstring or the passing fletching of the arrow.

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Medieval archers also wore a shooting glove on the hand with which they drew the bowstring. They might have also worn a potentially finger-free glove on the hand with which they held the bow as protection against the passing arrow and its fletching.

Ok, so a bracer and probably two gloves protected the archer against the dangers of his own weapon. But what about the other dangers that he could face on a medieval battlefield?

Well, late medieval archers also wore a quite surprising level of armor that kept them safe. But that is a story for another time.

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