Roman Measurements & Units – A Complete Guide

The Roman measurements and units did not follow a decimal system. Instead, the Romans based length measurements on the proportions of the human body. The units for weight and volume were based on a system of twelve, the smallest unit of which was the ounce (0,27 grams or 0,27 liters).

1 pound = 12 ounces; 1 cup = 12 ounces

Ancient Rome used also a different currency system. But that is a story for another time. Let`s now look at the different Roman measurements and units for length and volume!

Roman Meassurements for Lenght

1 Mile (mille passuum)1000 Double steps4858,8 ft / 1481 m
1 Double step (passus)5 Roman feet4,85 ft / 1,48 m
1 Foot (pes)4 Hands11,64 in / 29,57 cm
1 Hand (palmus)4 Fingers2,9 in / 7,39 cm
1 Finger (digitus)——–0,72 in / 1,84 cm
Roman Meassurements for Lenght

Roman Volume Units

1 Bag160 Bowls138,4 gal / 524 l
1 Bowl12 Cups10,38 gal / 39,29 l
1 Cup12 Ounces0,86 gal / 3,27 l
1 Ounce———-0,07 gal / 0,27 l
Roman Volume Units

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Paul Erdkamp: The Cambridge companion to ancient Rome.*

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